Terri McGillivray.

Senior Paralegal

Terri joined the Carter Ferguson team in March 2021, having worked in the legal profession for 13 years. Whilst involved in many legal matters, her passion lies in family law matters.

Terri is caring, kind and very approachable and that’s why she slipped in so easily with the rest of the Carter Ferguson family. She loves the relaxed and down-to-earth attitude we have to ensure our clients are always at ease.

When she’s not working on family law matters, Terri spends her time with her husband, kids and extended family.

Terri McGillivray's Locations


The Carter Ferguson head office is located upstairs in Millers Arcade in Gerringong. Deb Russell actually did her work experience here, way back in 1988 when the business was still owned by its founding partners, Tim Carter and Lloyd Ferguson.

Terri McGillivray