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Below are a list of handy links to websites which may be helpful. Please contact our office to discuss your legal matter with one of our solicitors if you think you may need legal advice, or if you are unsure if you need legal advice.

Consumer Law
Be aware of your rights as a consumer. Before you sign a contract with either a service provider or for a purchase, if you have received defective products or goods that do not meet the representations made by the sales person or if you have had your money or identity stolen or believe this might happen because of a ‘scam’ contact familiarise yourself with information on how the Australian Consumer Law applies to goods and services and contact:
Consumers – NSW Fair Trading
Australian Competition and  Consumer Commission – For  consumers
Consumer Action Law Centre – Legal  Assistance
Indigenous Consumer Assistance Network
Inner City Legal Centre

Credit and Debt
If you are having difficulty managing your finances or have a financial problem then you should contact:
Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) which provides accessible, fair and independent dispute  resolution for disputes with involving financial services including banking, credit, loans, general insurance, life insurance, financial planning, investments, stock broking, managed funds and pooled superannuation trusts. 
Financial  Counsellors’ Association of NSW
Illawarra Legal Centre Inc.
Consumer  Credit Legal Centre NSW – Home (CCLC) is a specialist community legal centre that assists consumers of NSW in relation to credit, debt and banking.
Credit, debt & banking – the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
How do I get a copy of my credit report?
Are you being squeezed for a debt? – Legal Aid  NSW
Personal Insolvency – Information for  Debtors
Debt – Small Claims – LawAssist : Lawlink  NSW
Car accidents – LawAssist  Lawlink NSW
Inner City Legal Centre

Crime and Police
The police investigate if laws have been broken. They can charge you if they believe you have broken the law. It is then up to the court to har the evidence and decide if you are guilty and what the penalty should be. Less serious offences (summary offences) are heard in the Local ourt also referred to as the magistrates court. The magistrate decides  both guilt and penalty. More serious offences (indictable offences) are heard in  the higher courts (District Court, Supreme Court) the jury decides if you are  guilty and the judge decides the penalty. Most cases are heard in the Local Court. If you have been charged with an offence the following information may be  useful:
Police powers – know your rights
Factsheets and resources – Legal Aid NSW
NSW | New South Wales Criminal Lawyers | Australian  Defence Lawyers Alliance
LawAccess Online Home – Legal Problem –  Crime
Apprehended Violence Orders – LawAssist : Lawlink  NSW

If you are being discriminated against because of your racegenderdisability or just wanting to know more about your rights the following information may be useful:
Disability Discrimination Legal Centre, NSW  (DDLC)
Anti-Discrimination Board – Anti-Discrimination Board:  Lawlink NSW
What is discrimination? – NSW Department of Premier and  Cabinet
Australian Human Rights Commission
Australian Centre for Disability Law
Redfern Legal Centre
Inner City Legal Centre

Disputes with neighbours
Are you having problems with your neighbour. It  is always useful to know where you stand and what your rights and responsibilities are as a neighbour. Below are some common issues and sources of  information and advice.
Law Society of NSW – Problems with  neighbours
Fences – LawAssist : Lawlink NSW
Community Justice Centres – Community Justice Centres  New South Wales
Neighbourhood disputes

It is important to understand your rights as an  employee or independent contractor  If you are concerned that your conditions of employment are in accordance with legal requirements or you believe that you have been unfairly treated in the workplace you should contact:
Employment rights – LawAssist: Lawlink  NSW
Employment- Fair Work Ombudsman
NSW Industrial Relations
Employment and workplace –
Fair Work  Australia

Domestic violence/relationship breakdown/ sexual assault). If you are experiencing relationship breakdown the following information may be useful:
Family Law Courts Homepage
Federal  Magistrates Court of Australia 
Australian Government Family  Relationship
Family law – Legal Aid NSW
LawAccess- Family Law
Law Society of NSW – Family Law
Information about family law

A fine is when you are asked to pay money to the government for breaking a law. For example, speeding, littering, or parking. A fine is sometimes also called a penalty notice, infringement notice, on the  spot fine, ticket, Criminal Infringement Notice (CIN). Sometimes you may get a ‘fine’ from a private organisation, for example, a private car park. If you have a fine the following information may be useful in understanding your rights and  options:
Fines – LawAssist : Lawlink NSW
Fined Out – Inner City Legal Centre
Legal  Aid NSW

Freedom of Information
Does a government body have information that you would like to access? If so the following information may be useful:
NSW Ombudsman – Complaints
Freedom of Information
Accessing Department of Premier and Cabinet Information  | NSW Department of Premier and

Going to Court
When you have a case in a court or tribunal and you don’t have a lawyer, you are said to be ‘representing yourself’. If you find yourself in this situation, you might find the following resources useful:
Representing Yourself – LawAssist : Lawlink  NSW
Factsheets and resources – Legal Aid NSW
Representing yourself – Local Courts New South  Wales
Information about going to Court in NSW

Housing and Residential Tenancy
If you are renting and having problems with your landlord you should contact:
Department of Fair Trading NSW
Tenants  advice
Tenants Service – Illawarra Legal Centre  Inc.
Tenants Advice & Advocacy – Redfern Legal Centre
Aboriginal Tenancy Advice and Advocacy Services (ATAAS)  — NSW Aboriginal Housing Office

If you are new to Australia, a migrant or a refugee and need support to settle and participate in community life the following information may be useful:
Department of  Immigration & Citizenship
Migrant & Refugee Assistance – St Vincent de Paul
Migrant & Refugee Services –  Anglicare
IMS –  Illawarra Multicultural Services

Indigenous Issues
If you are an indigenous student and are seeking additional support and assistance, the following information may be useful:
Indigenous support services culturally sensitive  approaches
Aboriginal Services Wollongong, NSW: South Coast 
Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT)
Better access for Aboriginal people – Legal Aid  NSW

Intellectual Property
If you are a student and your are developing intellectual property it is important that you are aware of your rights. To  ensure you are protecting your intellectual property, the following information may be useful:
Australian  Copyright Council
IP  Australia – Patent
Attorney + Patents + Trademarks | Intellectual Property

Intellectual property –

If you are having problems with claiming on your insurance or need advice on resolving a dispute the following information may be useful:
Insurance Law Service – Home

Mental Health
The Mental Health Legal  Centre provides a free and confidential legal service to  anyone who has experienced mental illness where their legal problem relates to their mental illness.
Mental Health Association NSW
Mental Health Advocacy Service – Legal Aid  NSW

Power of Attorney and wills
If you want to make a power of attorney, enduring guardian or a will the following information may be useful:
NSW Public  Trustee
Law Society of NSW – Planning ahead

Public transport
It is important that you are aware of your rights while travelling on public transport and on public roads. If you have received an infringement notice or concerned for well fair on public transport the following information may be useful:
Public Transport and Traffic – NSW Police  Online
Transport Infoline – Fines
Transport. travel and driving

Social Security/Centrelink
If you are unhappy with a decision made about your Centrelink entitlements, there are several steps you can take which are outlined on the Centrelink website.
Welfare Rights – Illawarra Legal Centre  Inc.
Appealing to the Social Security’s  Tribunal

Traffic: parking and car accidents
Traffic Offences – Going to court
Request a review – State Debt
Recovery Office – The  Fines Division of OSR

Victims of crime
If you have been injured by an act of violence, such as an assault, domestic violence or sexual assault, that took place in NSW, you may be eligible for an award of compensation between $7500 and $50,000. Compensation can also be claimed if you are injured as a result of witnessing an act of violence or if you are injured while trying to prevent someone from  committing an act of violence. Parents or guardians of children who are injured  as a result of learning about the act of violence can also claim compensation. The following information will help you understand your rights under the Charter  of Victims Rights and how you can access them:
Victims Rights – Victims Services : Lawlink  NSW

For other useful factsheets and legal information go to your local community legal centre:
Community Legal Centres NSW – Directory of Legal  Centres

Carter Ferguson Solicitors does not guarantee the accuracy of any content of any of the websites listed above. These are listed only as a guide and should not be relied upon without seeking legal advice. This list is not comprehensive and as such may not include all providers of services. Carter Ferguson does not receive any remuneration or sponsorship fees from any of the websites listed.