Legal Administrator

Areas of Expertise

Nardos joined the Carter Ferguson Family in 2021 and works from our Wollongong office. She started her straight Law Degree at Melbourne University and now in her final year at the University of Wollongong. Nardos is looking forward to gaining experience in Corporate Law after she graduates. 

She primarily assists Ashleigh Serafini and Hailey O’Leary with mostly Family Law matters, but Nardos is eager to help on consumer or commercial disputes. She loves the day-to-day challenges the industry brings, and she has already learnt so much in her time at Carter Ferguson.

Nardos grew up in beautiful Jervis Bay and has always enjoyed exploring the outdoors. In particular, she loves hiking, exploring different beaches and camping. When she’s not reading books, she loves to read true crime novels.

Nardos Humphrey's Locations


Carter Ferguson established its Wollongong Office in 2014. Originally located in Market Street Wollongong, we relocated to the Wollongong Mall in 2019 and are now located at 68 Market St Wollongong.

Nardos Humphrey