Legal Administrator

Ashley is currently in her fifth year of her double degree, studying a Bachelor of Laws & Psychological Science. Since working in the Gerringong office, Ashley has been able to learn from our solicitors and taking in all of the knowledge they have to share regarding property law, wills, and commercial law.

Ashley enjoys getting her hands on all type of law that comes her way, but she has special interest in family law in addition to wills and estates law. Since starting with Carter Ferguson in May 2021, Ashley has sparked an interest in property law, after closely working with our accredited specialist in property law, Sandy Rendel.

Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys playing sport and spending time with her family and friends.

Ashley Cummins's Locations


The Carter Ferguson head office is located upstairs in Millers Arcade in Gerringong. Deb Langton actually did her work experience here, way back in 1988 when the business was still owned by its founding partners, Tim Carter and Lloyd Ferguson.

Ashley Cummins